Man Conquers Three Pound Burger

C.P. Deli: It’s the tiny restaurant that challenges the biggest of appetites.

On its menu of ham sandwiches and turkey salads, is the big daddy of burgers.

The Wally Burger weighs in at a staggering three pounds and is served with a pound of french fries.

The meal is enough to make any Whopper whimper.

It’s only fitting that the burger is huge.

It’s the namesake of the restaurant’s owner, Wally Hough.

Standing well over six feet tall, Hough once played center for the Florida Gators basketball team.

"This is a local restaurant that’s been here for many years, said Wally.

"We’re just having fun with it and getting people to talk it up."

The Wally Burger takes up more than half of the grill at the deli and the cooks require an hours notice to serve it.

Since the estimated 7,000-calorie meal hit the menu, many men have tried the Wally Burger.

Only Caleb Stamps has finished it.

"People look at me and say, ‘Oh, there’s the guy that ate the huge burger,'" said Caleb.

"Everybody says they can do it, but come in here and try," he added.

So, I took Caleb up on his challenge and decided to try the Wally Burger for myself.

I had to finish every morsel of the three one-pound patties, complete with bun, lettuce, tomato and three slices of cheese, and the pound of French fries in one hour.

If I finished it, I would receive a T-shirt, and the meal would be on the house.

If I didn’t finish it, I would have to shell out $15 for the meal.

The first 30 minutes were a breeze.

Near the second pound of beef, the meat started to intimidate me.

At roughly six inches tall, the sandwich was the most food I’d ever attempted to eat in one sitting.

The only thing I know is that if you can down 7000 calories worth of burgers and fries, you better have the pepto on standby.

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