Indiana Jones 4 could be coming soon.

Looks like Harrison Ford can finally take the fedora out of mothballs.

The Hollywood megastar told a German magazine on Wednesday that after rewrites too numerous to count, he and director Steven Spielberg are finally satisfied with the script for the forever-in-the-works fourth installment of the whip-wielding, tomb-raiding adventurer.

Ford's reps did not comment further, and a Lucasfilm spokesperson said Wednesday that Lucas was not available to comment on the status of Indy 4. But appearing at last week's Empire Awards in London, his producing partner, Rick McCallum, said Lucas had made his final tweaks to the script by Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2 and Catch Me If You Can) and handed it off to his two pals for final tweaking.

Ah, finally, we get to see what happens after you ride off into the sunset. The only thing that bothers me is that Jeff Nathanson wrote the first accepted script. Sure, he may have written pretty good movies like Rush Hour 2 and The Terminal. However, he was responsible for Speed 2: Cruise Control. Ugh.

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