Food assaults

< Seinfeld impersonation >What the hell is up with the food assaults lately?< /Seinfeld impersonation >

First, there is a woman in Jcksonville who used grits as a weapon. From News4Jax:
According to investigators, Velinda Taylor threw the grits on her sister while they were having an argument. They said the victim blocked her face but the grits burned her back.

The victim, Sharon Ashley, said she and Taylor had been in a fight when she was burned with the grits.

"When I closed the door, it hit me. It was heat. It stuck all over me. I couldn't do nothing. I tried to pull a clump off me, then I just laid down," Ashley said. "It stuck up on me real bad and I was sore, in flames. Sore and inflamed."

Now, there is a man accused of assault with a sweet potato pie. From WPBF TV:

Martin County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a Hobe Sound man who threw a sweet potato pie in his girlfriend's face because he didn't like the food, according to an arrest report.

Christopher Ford, 46, was charged with one count of domestic battery for the Thanksgiving Day incident.

According to the report, Ford came home and asked Valencia Rose, 37, for something to eat. But Ford was upset about the food his seven-year live-in girlfriend fixed for him and they got into an argument in the kitchen.

So Ford picked up the sweet potato pie his girlfriend had recently removed from the oven and threw it in her face, according to the report.

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