Come to Vegas

From Yahoo:
The tiny town of Cranfills Gap really needs a vacation.

At least that's the opinion of Las Vegas tourism officials, who've decided to fly nearly half of the 350 residents to the desert playground as part of a five-day getaway and publicity stunt.

Up to 120 people — those who could get off work and were over age 21 — will fly in one jet to Sin City next weekend and stay in swanky hotels, eat at fancy restaurants and see glitzy shows — all for free. The catch: They'll be followed the entire time by video cameras for tourism commercials to air early next year.

They won't get any spending money if they want to gamble or shop during their few hours of free time each day. But for many in the town with only two stop signs and no traffic lights about 75 miles southwest of Fort Worth, it's a perfect pre-holiday getaway.

You know, I really don't have anything snarky to say about this. I just hope it doesn't end up as a CMT reality show, like My Big Redneck Wedding.

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