NBC set to ruin a great BBC show

The popular BBC car show "Top Gear" is revving up a U.S. edition.

NBC has ordered a pilot for "Gear," to be produced by BBC Worldwide Prods. Like the original, it will be a mix of cars, humor and celebrities.

Casting is under way for hosts of "Gear," which will be announced at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
The pilot will be filmed at a secret location around Los Angeles equipped with a race track and hangar where the show will be filmed in front of a audience.

"It's a show with a very edgy point of view," BBC Worldwide Prods. topper Paul Telegdy said. "It's a celebration of car ownership but also a celebration of attitude and anti-establishment in every sense of the word."

NBC reality chief Craig Plestis said he is a longtime fan of "Top Gear."

"It all comes down to subject matter -- it's a cool show about cars," he said. "It's very compelling for us because we have a great platform and space on the network to have such a show."

See, this shows that they know nothing about the magic that is Top Gear. Top Gear isn't about the cars, it is about the hosts and their interaction with motoring. Jeremy Clarkson's smart ass remarks, Hamster's nice guy attitude, and May...well, May is just happy to be there. There is no way to replicate that on this side of the states. NBC should have just given up when Clarkson said no. Besides how the hell could they get away with destroying a car wash with a homemade convertible van in America without getting their ass sued.

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