Election Quiz

The quiz seems to be based on the answers that the candidates have given up until this point (and info from their websites). Where do you match up?

It stuck me near Rudy. I won't vote for Rudy. Sorry, but the gun control thing in NYC and his answer at the YouTube debate completely soured me on him. They're all a bunch of left-wingers to me. :P

Rudy Giuliani

Here you find an overview of all issues. You can click on an issue to see your repsonses and responses from Rudy Giuliani as well as the sources on which they are based.

50% agreement Gun control
83% agreement Environment
75% agreement Iraq
92% agreement Economy
83% agreement Income
83% agreement National security
67% agreement Family
67% agreement Immigration
92% agreement Health care
50% agreement Law and order
58% agreement Education
67% agreement Terrorism

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