Police discourage self-defense home invasion shootings

A Chandler homeowner shot and wounded a man who was trying to break into his house near Dobson and Pecos roads, police said.

Police gave this account:

Sagio Maurice Henry, 35, of Chandler, rang the doorbell of Cary Dennis' home around 1 p.m. Thursday, and then went to the back door, where Dennis saw him. Dennis went to get a weapon and returned to find Henry prying open a window.
Not there for a casual hello, I take it. Should have called 911 when he got the weapon, though.
After startling Henry, Dennis chased him outside and ordered him to stop. When Henry brandished a pickax handle, Dennis shot him once in the chest.
Okay, this is where I would have stayed inside and fortified until the police came. Under Florida law, chasing a fleeing felon to use deadly force is a no-no. However, apparently he was still on his property, and the felon did turn to present a valid threat. I wonder what he was shooting, if the guy got hit and was later treated.
Henry fled on foot and later was picked up by police at a Valley hospital. He was taken to Maricopa Medical Center, where he is receiving medical attention for non-life-threatening wounds in the jail ward.

"I am kind of still shaken up," said Dennis, who works in after-market auto parts. He would not talk further about the incident.

Police discourage self-defense home invasion shootings, Chandler police Detective Frank Mendoza said.

"We don't recommend handling things this way," Mendoza said.
"Given the situation, he had plenty of time to call 911 and leave the home."
Okay, this is the part that really gets me. I can understand calling 911 when you got your weapon, but leaving the house? Who's to say he doesn't have a buddy or two waiting outside for the all clear? Sorry folks, Castle Doctrine. If you come in uninvited, you leave in a body bag.
Once his condition improves, Henry will be booked into Maricopa County jail and charged with one count of burglary, Mendoza said.

Police are not pursuing charges against Dennis, Mendoza said.

One more for the good guys, but WTF is that detective smoking!!!

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