Knight jumps queen! Bishop jumps queen! Pawns jump queen! *Gangbang*!

The What Chess Piece Are You Test

A White Rook
You scored 4 Power-Finesse, 0 Leader-Follower, 1 Unique-Ordinary, and 4 Offense-Defense!
It's not about plots and plans for you, it's about power and intimidation. Pawns cower before your crushing gaze, and you certainly throw down with the best of them. You work best with the other White rook or queen. However, by yourself you tend to be a little like a bull in a China shop. You create alot of havoc, but did it really advance the cause of your team? Regardless, you are a valuable and powerful member of your team, and they are worried when you are removed from play.

Hat tip to Ken for this fun quiz.

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