3 years later...

3 years.  Has it been that long?  Doesn't feel like it.  It feels so much BETTER!!! 

3 years ago today I went to the doctor to see what I could do about my body not handling stress like it used to.  I came away with shocking revelations:
  1. I weighed 395lbs.
  2. I wore sized 58 pants and 4XL shirts.
  3. I had high blood pressure.
  4. I was pre-diabetic.
  5. I had a fatty liver.
  6. I had an irregular heartbeat.
  7. I had enlarged organs.
  8. I had bad cholesterol levels.
3 years later:
  1. I weigh in under 180lbs by tracking my food and exercising religiously.
  2. I wear size 33 pants and Medium shirts.
  3. My BP clocks in around 100/70 average.
  4. My last blood sugar check was 90.
  5. No liver issues.
  6. Heartbeat functions are normal.
  7. No organ issues.
  8. Cholesterol total 139, with HDL at 64 and LDL at 60.
I have to heartily thank:
  1. My family for their support.
  2. My faith for giving me strength to see it through.
  3. My iPhone for keeping me honest and giving me the ability to track.
    1. I got my head straight (no more "woe is me, my feeling are hurt, wah wah, eat eat, drink drink").
    2. I made small, achievable tasks and met them.
    3. No matter the issues that arise, go for the LONG TERM GOAL. F.I.D.O.  (f*** it, drive on).  This is a marathon, not a sprint. 


Melissa Prichard said...

I have watch your journey over the last three years and am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You rock

Starfury Zeta said...

Why thank you. :)