Bully beware

From Calm Down Tom

So this Australian boy is already all over the internet like a rash. Young, isolated and bullied, Cassey Haynes lost his cool composure and went full-Zangief on a much smaller, much stupider kid.

Now the internet is full of nerds and geeks so seeing school bullies get their comeuppance will always be popular. Some might say that we shouldn’t glorify violence, that it is awlays wrong and that we should feel bad for sperading such videos. The truth is that this kind of thing happens in every single school in every country in the world, every day. In a world where we worship children like mini-messiahs, we have to realise that the truth is kids have always swore at each other, fought and generally acted like little monsters. This is how it should be. Everyone needs to learn to stand up for themselves at some point whether its physically or mentally. Children are cruel, but sometimes, just sometimes, justice is swift.

LIttle Zangief (zangief kid) Street Fighter... by shadosw

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