Weight Loss for a Fat Guy: Vacation Time

For a long Mother's Day weekend, the family and I decided to go out of town on vacation. Vacations can be a stumbling block to people trying to lose weight. However, I've been listening do some fitness advice on the radio. Every Monday, Lex and Terry have fitness expert David Thompson on. His advice about vacations is to go and enjoy. If you go crazy, that's fine. Just be prepared to work on it when you get back.

That's what we did. Well, not completely crazy, but there was much "bad" food eaten. I'm talking
pasta, nachos, Chinese, etc. Also, I wasn't on my normal 5 small meals a day. It was three full squares. However, this was actually tempered with a lot of walking and movement. It wasn't like I was eating bad and being sedentary. I was moving from dawn until dusk. I was also drinking as much water as I possibly could. Guess what, lost some more weight as well (down to 278 as of this morning).

So, don't fear vacations. Enjoy and don't stress; that is what they are there for. Just be prepared to get back to your normal habits when you return.

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