Flying the friendly skies

From Gadling:
Ryanair has been flirting around with the idea of starting a new transatlantic airline ever since the Open Skies Agreement took effect earlier this year. They have yet to make an official announcement or reveal any details, but that isn't preventing them from stoking the media a little bit.

If you've ever seen any of Ryanair's marketing, you know what I'm talking about. Last year they launched a "Girls of Ryanair" calendar showing off some of their flight attendants' better features, and perennially launch raunchy advertising campaigns to reel in the European cash.

Their CEO, Michael O'Leary, is no more modest. In a recent German press conference, reporters asked about the new airline and O'Leary replied saying that "in business class it'll be beds and blowjobs."

At the head of their industry indeed.

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Ken said...

This is one time when the service really sucks.