Doctor Swapped Drugs For Sex

A Florida doctor bartered painkiller prescriptions in return for sex from at least five female patients, according to investigators. Benjamin Malalang, 70, was nabbed yesterday in a police sting launched after one of the women approached Jacksonville cops with details of the pills-for-sex deal. According to the below Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest report, the woman said that "within the last year" she began performing "a sex act on Dr. Malalang" in return for prescriptions for Oxycontin, the powerful painkiller. She told police that the encounters occurred at the home and office of Malalang, an acupuncture specialist. Following his arrest, police said, Malalang admitted trading prescriptions for sexual favors and said that four other female patients took part in the illicit arrangement.

At least it was only for "oral" medication. I would hate to think what would happen if they needed suppositories.

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